All that you didn’t know about Beagle Corgi mix

Most people cannot help falling in love with a Beagle but do not dare adopt one owing to the training hassles. What if your furry little friend was a lively as a beagle but wasn’t as difficult to train? You have your answer in the Beagle Corgi mix. Before you decide on bringing one home, here’s all that you want to know about it.       

General Information

The Beagi is a designer breed: a cross between Beagle and Pembroke Welsh Corgi.


Inherited from the parent breeds, a Beagi have colors like red, sable, fawn, red & white, lemon, black & tan, orange & white, tri-color and with or without white marking.


The thick short undercoat of a Beagi provides superior weather resistance.


The Beagi is alert, intelligent, loyal, lively and social with characteristic traits from both the parent breeds.

They are territorial and protective dogs and get along with all age groups of the family. They can even establish good relations with the other pets of the family. They have a reputation of being very companionable.


This breed needs regular brushing as they tend to shed a lot. Excessive shedding can be prevented by spaying or neutering.


Being intelligent, a Beagi is very much trainable. But because of their independent behavior and stubbornness, you will have to be gentle and rewarding while training your dog.

Owners are recommended to keep them away from other dogs till they are properly trained. They should also be provided with socialization and obedience training as well as pack leadership training.

Quite an interesting and adorable breed the Beagi is; don’t you think? It can banish your boredom in a snap and let you make the most of your life. Delay not if you feel an interest in it!

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