Answers to 3 common FAQs on beagle labs

So you want a dog which is as adorable and delightful as a beagle but unlike it, will not suffer from pangs of loneliness when left alone for the greater part of the day? Well you may find your answer in the beagle Labrador mix. This mix breed has a strong beagle temperament that is tempered by balance from the lab side. However, before you decide to invest in this designer breed, it is best to take a closer look at them.

How does a beagle lab mix look like?

Like all beagles, the beagle lab mix too is a bundle of complete cuteness. The possible color patterns are limitless: from chocolate and fawn yellow to blue ticked. A beagle lab mix’s height approximately ranges from 18.5 to 20.5 inches. And as for their weight, you can expect anything from 35 to 75 pounds or more depending on their body condition. They are also very strong.

Since you are about to leave your beagle lab mix alone at home, you would definitely want to know about its temperament.

What about your beagle lab mix’s temperament?

In order to find out about the personality of your lab mix, it is important to know about both the parent breeds of the lab mix. Both beagles and Labradors are very loyal dogs and respond to commands very well. Thus you can expect your Labeagle to get along with the family members very well.

Beagles tend to bark a lot whereas the Labs are more reserved, so the kind of attitude your beagle lab will show in this respect will depend on the number of genes that it has got from each of his parents.

Labeagles are also easy to train because like labs they can concentrate for longer periods. However, puppy training and adult dog training centers are recommended.

They are also nice and mellow. This dog breed tends to be very sensitive and generally does not respond well to harsh commands.

But they will shed a lot! So, beware!

Finally, as mentioned earlier, they particularly get along very well with families which have children.

The next question that you desperately want an answer to because of your hectic schedule is…

How much care is required for a Labeagle?

They are generally easy to take care.  Following are steps to follow:

  • Their coat is as thick as those of Labs, so you need to provide regular grooming.
  • Feed properly: take the help of your vet in this regard.
  • For the first three months feed him thrice and then make it twice a day.
  • Keep him active, get him to walk.
  • Clean his ears once a week and bath him with puppy shampoo once a month.

Now that you have all the basic answers regarding a beagle lab mix, you must be all geared up to make the purchase very soon. If you have a calm and quiet home, all you need is a Labeagle to turn it into an active and happy abode!

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