Beabull Fact File: Know Your Beabull A, B, and Cs!!

If you are an ardent dog lover and willing to go that extra yard, it’s likely that you are willing to move beyond purebred puppies. You like the cute and cuddly type, and you want your pup to be adventurous just like you. Beabull pups are just for you! Even more so if you love the bulldog’s cockiness, and the free spirit that characterizes the beagle!

Here’s helping you with a beabull fact file to make that informed decision about buying yourself one!

What are Beabulls?

The beabull is a hybrid, a cross between a beagle and an English bulldog.  So a beabull inherits both the smug assuredness typical of a bulldog, and the independent playfulness of a beagle.

Beabulls are ideal family dog, very loyal and caring!

Beabull Vital Stats:

Here’s helping you with an easy to remember beabull fact file!

  • Breed: Beabull is a cross between beagles and bulldog. It is not a purebred, and the combination can be 50/50, or more complex. The American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), the International Designer Canine Registry, and the Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC) recognize it officially as a mixed breed.

  • Lifespan: Beabulls have an average lifespan of about 10-13 years. Excellent care can prolong their life span.

  • Weight: Beabulls generally weigh about 30-50 pounds.

  • Height: The average height for beabull varies between 12-16 inches. Both the parent breeds are not very tall.

  • Appearance: Beabull puppies retain physical features of both their parent breeds, in varying proportions. Most beabull pups have bulldog wrinkles and under bite. Their ears are more like the beagles long droopy ones.  They have strong jaws and a beagle muzzle, with a strong lean body and a typical bulldog hips. They also retain small bulldog legs and a docked tail. Beabulls come in mixed colors and soft coat on the sides and slightly prickly coat on their backs.

  • Personality trait: Beabull are amazing pets, they are adorable and extremely loyal to their masters. They are not bothered by children and are extremely tolerant of even cranky kids. This makes them an extremely favorable family companion. Especially for a family with growing kids!

  • Temperament: Beabull pups are mild mannered but they retain the proud independence of beagles. They are very playful and can get hyper when in the mood. They love to indulge in sports and fetch games and often play bite. So, warn your kids when playing with beabull pups. But sometimes, their bulldog laziness can also dominate their moods.

  • Health issues: Beabull pups are also prone to infections and ticks because they spend a lot of time outdoors. They should also be regularly screened for joint problems. They have a tendency of have digestion issues, much like the English bulldog. Bulldogs are prone to breathing issues and beabull pups tend to inherit this trait. Wrinkles must be kept extra clean at all times to reduce the chances of infection!

  • Training and grooming: Beabulls are fairly easy to train and do not need vigorous fitness exercises. But they shed a lot of hair so you need to be careful about that. They need baths often and regular checkups with the vet.

  • Environment: As beabulls don’t need too much exercise, they are well suited to apartment living. They just need a homely environment and lots of love!

  • Special Traits: Beabulls are amazing jumpers and are balls of energy when in the mood for fun and games!

Where can you buy a beabull pup?

Most breeders who deal with beagles and bulldogs also breed beabull pups. You can also get yourself a beabull pup from local shelters and local pounds.

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