Beagle Care Made Easy!

Is there anything good enough to substitute the bliss of unconditional love, devotion and companionship that your beagle showers on you every day? Not really. But ensuring a proper care routine is the least you can do for him!

Here are the basic things you, as a responsible and caring pet owner, are required to do:

Before He Arrives…

Actually, it is always good to organize your home even before you welcome the puppy home. This is because; preparing your home for a new puppy is nothing less than setting up a nursery. Some of the important things that you should check before your puppy’s arrival are:

  • Arrange for his own cozy zone where he can rest whenever he feels tired or irritated.
  • Allocate a carpet-free area as his play zone.
  • Try to feed your puppy in the play zone. Do not forget to take up his bowls after feeding. Wash them well.
  • Make sure that your shopping list for the puppies include squeaky toys, leash, collars,  pet shampoo, comb, brush, carpet cleaner, potty pad, doggy tooth brush, bitter-apple spray for the things you don’t want it to chew , nail clippers and treats for training.
  • Contact a well reputed, proactive and accessible vet for health issues.

After He Arrives…

Now this is where your challenge to prove yourself a caring dog owner will begins…

Foods To Give…

Since puppies grow 20 times faster than adult dogs, you need to provide them a well balanced diet to assist in their physical development.

Preferably, give them the commercially available foods, most of which comes in the form of dog biscuits, semi-moist/ tinned foods and dry complete diets.

What Not To Give

The foods that you should steer clear of are…

  • Bones: they can choke your pet.
  • Table scraps.
  • Cat food.
  • Chocolates

The Key To His Good Health Are…

… right exercising and immunization. You should always keep in mind that

  • Dogs need to exercise for at least 30 minutes in a day. You can take him for a walk or play a game of fetch with him.
  • Though a nursing puppy gets antibodies through mother’s milk, a weaning puppy is vulnerable to infectious disease. So he should be vaccinated for a number of diseases, including parainfluenza, Adenovirus type-2, canine parvovirus , bordetella, and canine distemper
  • A nursing puppy get antibodies through mother’s milk, but after weaning the protection decreases, leaving the puppy vulnerable to infective ailments.

Spruce Up Your Beagle

Wouldn’t you like to smarten up your canine pal? Well make a schedule of the following simple steps:

  • To keep your dog’s coat shining and free of tangles, loose hairs and trapped debris, brush him regularly.
  • Though dogs do not have cavities like humans, they do have tartar, plaque, gingivitis and everything else that leads to tooth problems.  Make sure that you brush his teeth every day.
  • In case your beagle starts having fleas, immediately wash him with a flea-killing shampoo and use a flea comb to do away with the critters.
  • Optimally, bath your pet once a month unless your pet gets into some nuisance. Make sure that you use shampoo and conditioner for dogs only.
  • Clean his eyes, ears and feet and bottom pet regularly.

Your Companion On The Go…

Travelling with your Beagle can be fun, provided that you make arrangements to make his journey a safe one. Just take care of the following things, and the rest will be fine:

  • Keep your pet safely fastened with a pet belt at your back seat.
  • Do not keep the dog in a seat that has airbag.
  • Make sure that you pack first aid kit and his foods before you travel.

Can’t You Leave Beagles At Home?

You can, provided that you have someone to take care of him when you are not around! Beagles hate to be left alone you know. However, if you are going somewhere you can hang around with your pet,  in most of the cases your Beagle won’t be too bad as a travel companion.

Help Him To Maintain Good Health At Home

Here are some simple tips which can make your dear pet healthier and long living.

  • Every day, teach 5 simple commands to your dog: Come, Heel, Stay, Sit and Down. Once they learn it all, you can teach him some other tricks including bow, spin and rollover.
  • Try to socialize your dog. Take him where other dogs and their owners play.
  • Give them the right comfort in the winter and summer days.

The above mentioned ways can also be an excellent way to bond with them. However, should you need more tips on Beagle care visit the inner pages.

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