Mixing with Beagle mix puppies

Who wouldn’t like to have a happy, well behaved, cute doggy to cuddle with in a cozy corner of one’s room? Perhaps, this is why I have seen many of my customers having a clear preference for Beagles over any of the other breeds that I recommend. Not that it makes me feel bad! In fact, it gives me a chance to explore how creative I can get with dogs. Now honestly, if you are in search of a little quadruped which can be a playmate to your kid, as well as your own home guard, then considering Beagle mix puppies can be the wisest idea that your mind can get enlightened with. As a matter of fact, if you set your heart to choose a cross-bred canine, or a “mutt” as it is called, you can have some obvious advantages that a purebred cannot possibly provide you with. Have you ever considered the following factors?

  • A study shows that “hybrids have a far lower chance of exhibiting the disorders that are common with the parental breeds”. Imagine, a mutt will not be susceptible to the hip troubles of the German shepherd or the eye problems of the Pekingese.
  • Generally, mixed breed dogs seem to have a longer, more active and healthier life.
  • Mixed breed dogs are available in plenty and therefore, they are likely to come less expensive.
  • In case you cannot choose between a GSD and a spaniel, or say a beagle and a bulldog then settling for a pup whose parents are a bull dog and a beagle can do the trick for you.

Though there are some obvious downsides to having a “mutt” at home, thankfully none of them are too grave to prevent you from having one. Be it their size or maturity, disposition or coat type, these dogs can be very unpredictable. Again, a beagle mix may have physical, as well as personality features of the breed they are bred from, as well as the beagle. So when you order a mixed bred Beagle, you better get some idea of what you can expect from the pup. But which Beagle mix can actually make you the happiest among the owners, and the proudest among the masters? Let me help you a bit. Should I start by mentioning the most popular “combos” that my clients ask for? Well look at the following list.

  • Puggle: it is a cross between a pug and a beagle.
  • Poogle- it is a poodle and beagle mix.
  • Peabull: It is a cross between an American bulldog and a beagle.
  • Australian Sheagle: A Beagle / Australian Shepard cross.
  • Cheagle: A very cute Beagle / Chihuahua mix.
  • Bagel: It is a Beagle / Basset Hound cross breed.
  • Busky: A Beagle / Husky mix.
  • Beaglemation: A spotty Beagle / Dalmatian breed.
  • Beagi: is a Beagle / Corgi mix.
  • Bea-Tzu: A Beagle / Shih-Tzu wonder.
  • Raggle: A Beagle / Rat Terrier cross.
  • Borkie: Beagle / Yorkie.
  • Beagle-terrier (especially Boston terrier).
  • Beagle-Labrador.
  • Doxel: Beagle- Dachshund cross breed.
  • Beagle- Boxer.
  • Speagle: It is an English toy spaniel and beagle mix.
  • Beago: Beagle / Golden Retriever.
  • Lagle: Beagle / Lab mix.

Dog lovers, get ready now! The time has come to get some info on the best pets that you can have for your family. Just spare a few minutes, and give yourself a chance to learn some very interesting yet useful things about some of my personal favorite mutts. I also take this opportunity to apprise you of the breeds which continue to be a favorite among my clients.


If you want a cutie-pie which will always be eager to go out and take part with you in your different activities, then you can have your pick in this pug-beagle cross. Perfectly trainable, the puggles should be regularly taken out for a walk, as they need regular exercise. Otherwise, they can easily gain weight as they grow old.


This poodle and beagle mix measures about an average Beagle, and weighs about 20 lbs. They are fun, excitable creatures and can come in a variety of interesting colors, which include washed-out tri-color, brown & white, white or
solid brown,  gray & tan and black. These active dogs take exercise for fun, and they hardly shed.


If you want a high-jumper in your family, then having this Chihuahua and beagle mix is a way to go. These little angels hardly weigh beyond 12 pounds, and characteristically, they get well along well with other dogs and kids. But watch out! While they are playing, they can get a little aggressive. If you want a doggy which barks really loud, then a Cheagle may not be the right choice for you. Finally, you may have to be a little patient with the little soul, especially when you are training him (or her). Once your pet gets used to it, this dog can be the best companion that you ever had.


Actually, it is a mix between the Beagle and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Similar to most dogs, these mutts have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years, and they are generally known to be extremely affectionate, and tend to follow their masters wherever they go.


Just akin to a true Beagle, Labbes got a great sniffing nose and like a Lab, this well-behaved breed of doggy can be easy going, and obedient. Nevertheless, it can get stubborn at times! You will love to snuggle with him in the couch and thanks to the very short hair; this sweetie is very easy to take care of.


When a happy Beagle meets an energetic Dachshund, a Doxel is born. No wonder Doxels can be lively, brisk, and yet, mellow, lazy and sweet. Having it is something like having a basset hound in miniature. Very much unlike a Dachshund, the puppy can shed a lot but even then, this pet of yours will surely love your kids. No wonder they will find a playmate in their pet. But beware! A Doxel has huge appetite and it can grow quite heavy! And he can have a tendency to “explore things” every now and then so never let him run loose.  


Now these doggies can get as big as a boxer or as small as a beagle. Or maybe, they will come somewhere in the middle. In any case, if you bring home a bogle, then you should prepare yourself to see some high jump stunts! Make sure that you train your pet well. By the way, this pet of yours may not love to be outside when it’s cold or wet.


He can be big, he can be lovely to be with, and he can be very energetic or extremely grave at time. By all means, this mix of a Beagle and Basset hound will surely take its sniffing nose wherever he goes.


More specifically, it is a Boston Terrier/ Beagle hybrid. If you are looking for a healthy dog that has the sweet disposition of a Beagle, and yet, has a perfect sense of when to play and when to calm down, then go for a Boglen Terrier. The dog looks for long ways to walk and they are found to be too good with children and thankfully, they can put up with just about anything. But even then, a Bolgen puppy can lack the desire to follow her nose!


These sweethearts can get along with your children and happily lick your face , the other dogs you have, and even cats! These biggies can weigh as much as 50 pounds, and show astounding intelligence and energy at whatever they do.

Finally, I can say that Beagle Mix Puppies can cost as much as any purebred beagle, provided that you are not adopting a homeless one. In fact, if you have your pet from a professional breeder, be prepared to spend some extra dollars. Of course, if the breeder chooses the dam and the sire of the crosses from the best of their respective breeds, they are sure to charge you a few extra dollars. The only thing I repent about the mutts that since they are mixed breeds, these designer breeds are not recognized by any national kennel club.

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