Beagle Training: Understanding What You Want From Your Pet!

Through the long encounter that I have had with my beagles over the years, I have come up to the conclusion that the training period is of crucial importance. It is that time when you will find that your pet getting attached to you the most. And if you are an ardent pet lover, you would definitely want him to grow up like your kids-well trained and properly behaved! At the end of the day, a well-behaved pet is every pet owner’s dream. So, in this article, we are going to talk about a very important phase in the relationship between you and your beagle- Beagle Training.

Training your beagle puppy can be a challenging task. But you should not give up…if you do, so does your puppy! The thing you must remember is that your beagle’s behavior is your responsibility. So, you must do whatever it takes and how much time it takes in order to discipline him and make him grow into a well-behaved and happy adult. It may appear tiresome and exhausting at some point of time, but you should never let him do whatever he wants or give in to his every demand. The one thing you should make him aware at the very onset is that you, as his master are the “pack leader” so that you never lose control on him.

We will start this article with various tips and advices of training your dog.

Beagle Training Tips and Advices

  • Understanding the Beagle’s ways is very important. See, the beagles were initially bred to be intelligent, energetic and independent minded. So far these are admirable character traits… but you must be cautious that these features do not morph into problem behavior. Since, they crave for human company; they may suffer from separation anxiety. So, it would be better if you have a walk with him and or play a game of Frisbee, to reduce the anxiety. They also dig for various reasons like boredom or simply to cool off in the dug earth. Be aware that he doesn’t dig up your neighbor’s flower bed as well. So, make sure that he has plenty of things in the yard to play with and get distracted from digging. They were also bred to have a distinct voice that will carry for miles. But in the modern scenario, it would be inappropriate to howl in a locality. So adopt a procedure to teach him, when to ‘speak’ and when not to. They are also very responsive to the sense of being free; so they tend to get obsessive while tracking a particular scent it has picked up and go away to places they should not. I have come across a notification made by the National Beagle Club of America that fences of at least 5 feet should be around them and that they should be on a leash always.
  • The next task that you have is that you need to teach your beagle dog some social graces. Firstly, it should be clear to him that you and only you are the leader of the pack so that his sense of independence can be curtailed to a controllable extent. You need to be corrective of his behaviors but keep this in mind that your tone should be firm but not harsh. They would also love the fact that you are appreciative of their deeds. As soon as they are big enough, enroll them in an obedience school, where he can learn to behave his best when he will socialize and meet with other dogs and their masters.
  • You too can teach your dogs certain basic things like “come”, “sit” or “stay”. Be assertive in your commands because, otherwise he will not pay attention to your calls.
  • Beagles always have a tendency to run away and hide. Thus, a walk with him can often turn out to be an unexpected problem. So, remember the trick… their craving for food. Whenever, he is the mood to run away, make sure distract him back with some food so that he returns back to you.
  • No matter what you do, your dog will always sniff. It is the only way that they keep contact with the world. For your beagle, he has as many as225 million receptors in his nose. What you can do, however, is make him sniff less at certain points, by giving treats and presenting them at his eye level. So, after a few incidents like this, looking up for treats will become a habit for him and not sniffing.

Now, that you have some tips to guide you, let us learn something more about beagle training.

Beagle Potty Training

If you do not potty train your beagle, then perhaps you must get ready to experience smelly mess all around inside the house. So, from the day you bring your dog home; make sure to give him this training. Firstly, you should come up with a specific space near your house, where your pet can release itself. Then decide on a command such as “bathroom” or “potty” that you will use when you will take him out to do the needful. Then select on a specific time of the day so that it become a habit of his and finally, when this training will start to get into his system, encourage him or treat him, so that he surely follows it.

Beagle Crate Training

To make your life easier and happier with your beagle it is important that you give your pet crate training. It will help him with behaviors like baying, anxiety and destruction. You can be assured to know that most beagles end up loving their crate. Giving them a specific small area is also required to make feel safe and not want to have control over larger areas like the living room. So that he can adapt more quickly, you will have to make him stay inside the crate from the time he is a puppy. Place the crate in the living room initially, so that he is always surrounded by people and make his small home comfortable for him by providing him with a mattress and toys and keeping it clean. His crate should be big enough to allow him some movements but small enough to discourage wandering. Start with keeping him in it for five minutes at the beginning and then increase the time slowly.

Beagle Hunting Training

Beagles are master hunters and their most favorite prey is rabbits. Just when they 3 to 4 months old, or rather old enough not get scared by the rabbits itself, start training them on how to hunt. Make your dog get a good sniff of the rabbit without getting hurt by it and then release them together. You will find that your pet is going to follow the rabbit until it makes it gets totally exhausted. Irrespective of his success, you must praise him for job well done or even the effort. One thing you must make sure is that you should try and keep the rabbit safe. He will start barking as he chases the rabbit after some time and when he does it spontaneously in an unrestricted area, you will know that your training is complete and that he is ready to hunt.

In order to make yourself more ready for effective training of your beagle, you may refer to beagle training books. They are available in the book stores or online stores. But, if you have difficulties in searching for them, then you can follow us on this website where we are going to guide you with some books on beagle training. A good and well behaved dog may become the ideal companion in no time. You just will have to make sure, that he gets proper training from his early years and become a good dog. You will find in him, a friend that you may have never had.

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