Beagles Potty Training: Tips, Techniques and Troubles


It was the birthday of my sister-in-law Debra and we all decided to give her the cutest beagle puppy that we would find in the beagle shelter. We figured that since her marine husband is cruising most of the year, therefore having a beagle at home would be a nice companion for her. Although there were some doubts as to whether she would like her gift or not, we were relieved to find them bonding immediately. Debra’s birthday turned out to be a warm and memorable evening. But the next night, Debra called in grave anxiety, “Karen, my whole house is a mess! I simply could not make Bruce (I guess, you have understood that it is the name of the beagle!) poop in the garden. He has just relieved himself at my kitchen entrance. Please help”. I smiled. This was expected. Most new beagle owner goes through this trying phase. In this case, I visited Debra a couple of times and guided her to potty train Bruce. But I somehow started thinking about you; the readers. There is lesser chance of having an experienced or trained individual around to guide you in housebreaking your beagle pup. So what will you do? Tried and failed are you going to get rid of the utterly loyal and devoted creature? Friends, this is not the solution and to give you one I decided to write this article on Beagle Potty Training. At the end of the day, I know you would love your beagle the most, if he is a well behaved and properly trained one.

Troubles in the Absence of Potty Training

The troubles that you may face if you do not potty train your beagle is known to all. Remember how in the movie Bruce Almighty, Jim Carrey could not make his dog pee outside the home; unless of course he became the Almighty God!! You would not want smelly and messy environment in your home; but that is inevitable if you do not potty train the beagle puppy. I personally feel that if the master is not happy with the dog messing around in the home, then it will be difficult for those two to find a strong bonding. So, a proper training course is required and among the many training that you are required to give him, potty training might be the most crucial one.

Let me first admit that beagle potty training can be quite a daunting task. It is going to be a challenge of its own and will require a lot of patience and tolerance on your part. You see, beagles are generally happy creatures with an adaptive frame of mind. However, at times they can be stubborn. Therefore, the early you start with the training procedure, the better it is going to be for you and your pet.

What Should Be the Approach of the Master?

Before I start with the tips on potty training let me tell you that there are a few things that you must also incorporate within yourself as the master of the beagle.

Be Positive: Treat the beagle puppy like the teenage youngster of your home; fun loving, adventurous and a natural rebel to discipline. Try and not raise your voice to your beagle, because this can install a sense of fear within him, and even develop negative attitudes towards you. Even if he has done the accident inside the home, try to hold on to your patience. Take him outside so that even if he doesn’t respond to the call of nature the first times, he will start associating what he has done inside with the reason of being outside. You can also encourage him to run after you in a playful manner every morning. Your beagles are most likely to get influenced by your exuberance and run after you only to realize the purpose of his being out very soon.

Understand The Signals: In order to make your potty training job easier, it is important that you observe your beagle puppy accurately so that you can find out what signals he display just before reacting to the call of Mother Nature. Your puppy may start sniffing the ground, may start whining or may take refuge in a hidden corner in order to find the perfect spot. If you could learn these signals, then you can immediately take him outside as soon as he starts displaying the signals. Once your puppy knows that you will respond to his indications, he will start looking up at you whenever he is required to go outside.

Successful Spot Treatment: As you all know, that beagles have an acute sense of smell. Therefore, “…it is important that you take the immediate steps to remove any odors and stains that may be associated with eliminating inside of your home.” This is not only the effective way of keeping your household clean and hygienic but also not confusing the puppy by making him realize that any particular spot at home is an acceptable option when compared to going outside. Your local stores will be full of pet special products and you can also take the help of the home remedies like vinegar or baking soda. When every trace of prior accidents have been removed successfully, the beagle is surely going to learn fast out of the potty training session that he is required to alert you at specific times.

An Effective Tool: If you are on the way of potty training your beagle, then an effective doggy door that leads out to the back lawn might be helpful. Once the dog has learnt that there is a place that he is required to head to once the Mother Nature calls, you will find him going outside on his own and reducing the number of unpleasant accidents at home.

Techniques of Potty Training

Now that you know what stance you must put up in order to effectively potty train your beagle, here are the ways you should adopt.

  1. During the time of potty training, it is important that you keep him inside a crate when the house is empty or at night. Although, it is not going to be his permanent home, but he should be kept inside the crate at least during the potty training period. In this way, there will be less chance that he will at least loiter around and find a potty spot inside the home. The size of the crate should be in accordance with the size of your beagle.
  2. Then you should find a suitable place outside the home for your beagle puppy to relieve itself. Since, the beagles are smart and intelligent they will remember the spot after you have taken him there for a couple of times. In this way, your potty training will get a step ahead.
  3. It is important that you decide on a command that you will use every time you will take the beagle outside to make him potty. Make the commands simple like “bathroom” or “potty” and make sure to address him gently. You know, it can have adverse effects if you are harsh. And you are also required to be patient, because beagles may require quite a long time before he will actually start responding to your commands.
  4. A solid and consistent routine is important for the beagles to relieve himself. Times like the morning after waking up, before both of you go to bed or after each meal. According to the Dog Breed Info website, puppies have to relieve themselves about six times a day. If a predictable routine can be created, you will save quite a lot of time waiting and apprehending the time when your beagle will be required to go outside. If he doesn’t act during this time, keep him in his crate for 15 minutes and then try again. As you repeat this process, your beagle will learn to effectively use the bathroom outside.
  5. Lastly, as an appreciative master, make sure that you treat him or speak appreciating words each time he successfully responds to your training. Beagles have been found to respond very well to encouragements and such positive reinforcement is only going to make his training process smoother.

In the end, all I want to say is that beagle potty training should not be intimidating. It is an overwhelming task, no doubt, but with little care and supervision, it can be achieved. A proper feeding schedule and knowledge about its whereabouts is important to prevent him from relieving inside the house. At the same time, the fact that he should excrete outside should be hammered in his mind and instinctive behavior. Little doses of encouragement, positive assertions and constant surveillance will find your beagle properly trained. When the training session is successfully complete you can pat your back on a job well done.

As you enjoy some quality time with your beagle, I will be back with some other interesting talking points on your pet beagle.

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