Blue tick Beagles: All you need to know!

Did you see someone walking a strange looking dog that almost certainly looked like a mix between a Beagle and a Coon Hound? Immediately wondered where you can get one too?

What you saw was actually a blue tick beagle… Anyone who has ever seen a beagle and a blue tick coon hound might think that the blue tick beagle is a hybrid between the two. But you’d be surprised to know, that this is not the case!

The blue tick beagle is a pure beagle with little blue flecks across the lighter parts of their body. That is why they are called blue tick beagles.

Height and Weight

Blue tick beagles grow to heights of 13 to 16 inches.

An adult blue tick beagle will weigh between 18 and 35 pounds.

I have never seen one… how will I recognize one?

  • Like any beagle, their coats are a mixture of 2-3 colors, usually white with tan, lemon, black, brown, red or liver.
  • They are usually compact and quite lean.
  • Their legs are short when compared with the body and quite muscular.
  • They have broad, smooth heads, with large eyes and their ears are soft, long and rounded.
  • They have broad chests, narrow abdomens and short tail.
  • Their coats are similar to beagles – smooth and short-haired.
  • As their name suggests, the white parts of their body are covered in black or blue flecks.

What to expect…

The coat does not make the dog… And a blue tick beagle only has a different looking coat… In temperament, they are just like other beagles:

  • Inquisitive.
  • Intelligent and quite quick.
  • Very playful.
  • Very friendly with adults, children and other dogs.
  • Not very comfortable if left alone.
  • Quite prone to barking and baying.

And before you bring one home, here’s what you need to know…

I live in an apartment, can I still adopt one?

First and foremost, they are hounds with a mind of their own, and very inquisitive, so a first-timer should not consider blue tick beagles.

They adapt pretty well to apartments, so long as you give them some space to be active, like a small fenced-in yard or so.

Life Expectancy

A well cared for blue tick beagle has an average life expectancy of 10 to 13 years.

Sprucing him up!

These dogs are relatively low maintenance. Their coats need to be brushed from time-to-time, but they don’t shed much. You also don’t need to bathe them frequently, unless they’ve been particularly mischievous in the dirt!

Training them…

You will need to be firm when training them. They can be very stubborn and determined, and usually very easily distracted. Be patient and try to invent interesting and exciting new games appropriate for this feisty breed!

And also consider some basics of obedience training.

Daily Workout…

Blue tick beagles are known to have very high endurance and energy levels. You will need to keep that in mind, and make sure your dog gets adequate activity. Take your dog for a walk once a day, on a leash… Don’t, at any cost, forget the leash; because once they start following their nose, a beagle will be gone before you can even reach for him!

Health Check…

Blue tick beagles, like other dogs of the same breed have certain health risks. They may develop:

  • Epilepsy
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Dwarfism

They are also susceptible to eye problems like:

  • retinal atrophy
  • glaucoma
  • “cherry eye”

Now that you know all about the adorable blue ticked beagle, why don’t you get one too? It is a beagle, but out of the ordinary in its looks… Isn’t that the perfect way to declare your own extra-ordinariness?!

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