Boglen Terrier – as faithful as a Boston terrier with the naughtiness of a Beagle!

Do you just adore the amiable, childish nature of Beagles, but wish they were as easy to train as Boston terriers? One option is to get one of both, but what if you cannot keep two pets? Here is the ideal compromise. The Boglen Terrier Mix!

This mix breed is also commonly called the Boglen Terrier.

What is a Boglen Terrier?

A Boglen Terrier will have a Boston terrier father and a Beagle mother. And as is expected, they inherit both looks, and behavior from their parent breeds.

What do Boglen Terriers look like?

  • They look more like Boston terriers than Beagles.
  • They have a somewhat square face and pointed ears.
  • They have a naturally long tail.
  • Their build is small and muscular, like boxers.
  • Boglen Terriers can be about 13 to 17 inches tall.
  • They weigh between 15 and 30 pounds.
  • The Boglen Terrier has mixed coloring, which it inherits from both its parents. They can be black and white, brown and white, or brindle and white.

Why should I get a mix breed instead of a pure breed?

Here are certain characteristics of the Boglen terrier that make it score higher than either of its parent breeds:

  • Where Beagles are considered to be feisty but of medium intelligence, and not having a very strong sense of obedience, Boston terriers are of average intelligence and obedience. But a Boglen Terrier is usually both obedient and intelligent.
  • They are not easily intimidated.
  • Boglen Terriers are also known to be active and quick.
  • They can also be very smart.
  • They are also easier to train than Beagles.

What should you expect with a Boglen in the house…?

  • Boglen Terrier dogs are confident risk takers.
  • By nature they are very good with children, and love to lick, snuggle up and play!
  • Also you do not need to worry, because they are usually very gentle, tolerant, caring and playful towards children.
  • They inherit their sense of smell from the Beagle parent and are easily distracted by different smells. You will find that they are unable to follow a single one, if there is more than one source.
  • This is why they are not good trackers.
  • They have an average bark and do not bark a lot on account of their confident and daring nature.
  • They can also bay like the Beagle but they usually do so when they are excited or are on guard.

What do I need to do for my Boglen to be healthy and happy?

  • Boglen Terriers have a very high energy level and therefore need a lot of exercise.
  • Due to their high level of intelligence, they are easily bored. And so, you must give them a lot of attention especially when they are still puppies.
  • They require little grooming or bathing as they have short coats.
  • A Boglen will not shed very much!
  • Clip their nails regularly and also check their ears.
  • Health wise, Boglen Terriers are quite robust with no known health issues.
  • If you care well for your Boglen, expect an average life span of 8 to 12 years.

A dog brings a lot of love and companionship into one’s house. Just as with your own child, any attention you give your pet will make your house a happier place. So, why not consider the Boglen, that brings the same joy, but with a fraction of the hassle!

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