Can Hip Dysplasia Affect Beagles?

Hip Dysplasia, commonly referred as HD, is in majority cases an inherited condition in large and medium sized dogs. And like other active breeds, Beagles too are prone to this hereditary disorder! Although HD does not necessarily mean that the dog will get crippled for life it is of grave importance to address the problem at its early stage. Being a responsible  beagle owner you should stay aware and updated on beagle hip problems and other possible health conditions!

How Prone are Beagles To Hip Dysplasia

In the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, around 300 beagles were tested since 1974. The records show that 15% of the radiographs submitted are estimated to be dysplastic. In other cases the HD is so apparent, that the need of X-rays never arises. However, if the study were conducted on a larger population, then the accurate number of HD affected beagles could be accurately deciphered.

Cause of  Hip Dysplasia

As to the cause of the Hip Dysplasia, a noted factor is that of the polygenic trait; it implies that one or more pairs of gene are integrated in the HD development. The literal meaning of Dysplasia is “bad development” and studies show that most beagles are not born with HD but develop it with age because of the genetic trait they have been carrying which leads to abnormal development of the soft tissues that surround the hip joints.
Obesity often intensifies the situation; if your beagle is overweight he is more likely to develop hip dysplasia and eventually osteoarthritis.

Symptoms of Hip Dysplasia

Symptoms of HD include difficulty in walking or climbing up the stairs, a change in their gait which seems similar to bunny- hop, stiffness or pain in their rear legs after waking up in the morning or an exercise routine. They will avoid making any movement which will require them to fully use their rear legs.

How can you help your beagle if diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia

Treatment of HD in beagles is possible; however, there are no ‘products’ to prevent this condition. If you are the master, make sure to provide him with proper diet, nutrition and exercise, especially in the first ten months because it can suppress the possible development of HD in the future. You can also arrange for a comfortable orthopedic bed for your pet, which will reduce the pain on the joints by distributing the weight.
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Look into the Lineage

If you are yet to purchase a beagle as your companion, make sure that he comes from a lineage reputed of having excellent hips, minus any history of HD. By ensuring this you can avoid beagle hip problem to a great extent if not completely!

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