Choose a Perfect Name for Your Beagle pup!

Shakespeare’s Juliet may well ask, “What’s in a name?”  After all, she wasn’t the proud owner of a beagle puppy! When you own an adorable little beagle, you want his/her name to be just perfect! Think about it, your pup’s name is not only his identity, its part of yours too. Naming your puppy is the first most important step in establishing a companionship with your dog.  You simply can’t settle for any random name. Since the possibilities are endless, here’s a list of names to make your task easier, so go on and choose a name that best suits your pet beagle!

The choicest selection of names for your ‘beagle boys’…

Your beagle male is sure cute and cuddly! But he’s a guy, and beagles are very independent dogs. So, you have to choose a name that will be like a badge of honor for your pup. Think beyond Snoopy –have a look at the following:

  • Alfred – This is for the guy who will be your ‘wise counselor’. Even when you are old and ailing, your faithful beagle will make sure to lead you down the best routes on your walks.
  • Basil – A majestic name for your hound! Your beagle is your joy and your pride – a ‘kingly’ name just for him!
  • Colonel — If you want your beagle to mirror your military temperament, this is a perfect name! It reflects your pup’s disciplined nature.
  • Linus – A fun name for your fun loving beagle.  It’s perfect for your smart beagle, so you better watch out for his tricks!
  • Scout – You will hardly find a better-suited name for your beagle boy. He will always ‘lead the way’.

Tango, Wilber, Jamie …the list is endless. Make sure you choose a name that suits your pup’s personality to the T!

Here’s a List of Names for your Beagle Female…

Your best pal is your beagle puppy, so make sure you give your girl a name to die for!

  • Adina – This girl will be your ‘noble’ friend forever! She will be your joy and your pride.
  • Callie – When you know you want an affectionate friend in your beagle, this is the name to settle for!
  • Nutmeg – If your beagle pup keeps you on your toes 24 X 7, you know this is the name for her.
  • Tess – If your pup is very self sufficient, this is the perfect name for her.
  • Tora – If your beagle is as much a tomboy as you are, no better name can suit her. Those boys had better watch out for the ‘tiger’!

 Angel, Frisbee, Noodle…you have innumerable options to choose from.

What is the age Your Beagle is expected to Responds to His/her Name?

Beagles have adorable traits; they are always willing to please and looking for affection. But they have an independent spirit and need to be trained properly. Usually a four-month-old beagle pup should be able to understand and respond to its name. You must follow certain key points in training your beagle to respond to his name:

  • Repeat your pup’s name when you call for him. Use a higher tone while calling out to him, this way you command his/her complete attention.
  • You should always use a Positive Stimulant when you call your dog. Pat him, cuddle him; you can even treat him to snacks when you call his name. Your beagle will respond to you when you provide him with a stimulant to remember his name and respond to your call.
  • Allow you beagle to understand that you are calling it by accompanying his name with gestures. You can clap your knees every time you call his name. When your beagle notices you making this particular gesture he will realize that you are calling him.

Now you can choose the most well suited name for you beagle pup and train him to respond to his name. So call out his name, and watch him come running up to you!

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