Traveling with your beagle made easy!

So you are dying to get out of the busy city life, even if it is just for the weekend. You are busy packing things for yourself but what about packing some essentials for your beagle? Your fun trip with your beagle can run into inconvenience if you do not take into account the following things.  

What are the ways you make your beagles’ travelling experience easy?

Travelling with your beagle can be both a fun experience and an extreme challenge. The key lies in understanding your beagle’s needs and planning accordingly. Just remember some tips:

  • Practice Drives – Take your beagle on short drives around your neighborhood. Acquaint your pet with the nitty gritties of car travel before you actually take him on a long trip. Some beagles can be very car shy, and get nerve attacks during the ride. Remember, practice makes it perfect! If your beagle is still uncomfortable, get your beagle anti anxiety meds.

  • Beagle Bag – You should be prepared with all the supplies your beagle might need during the ride. It’s much like packing a travel bag for your kids. Pack ration and toys for your beagle.

  • Safety First – Your beagle needs an equal amount of protection as yourself during the ride. You can bring along your beagle crate, or better still, invest in a good harness. You can get one that comes with a seat belt restraint. You don’t need your beagle jumping around the whole car!

  • Vet Clearance – You need a health certificate for your beagle not more than 10 days before the trip. You never know when it comes handy! It’s best you contact the hotel services and check with their pet policies.

  • Rest Stops – Your beagle needs to have restroom stops too! So make as many stops as you need, and allow your beagle to stretch his legs. Beagles are very energetic and independent by nature so long periods of confinement can irritate them.

  • Cleaning Supplies – You beagle can have accidents in the car, so you had better be ready with cleaning supplies.  A roll of paper towels, and plastic bags should suffice. And this is way better than stressing yourself out!

What do you need to pack for your beagle?

A well-planned packing can make the ride comfortable for both you and your beagle. Packing supplies should include blankets, leash or crate, food, and water for your beagle and his favorite toys. Pack in cleaning supplies like paper towels, extra water, and enzyme cleaner spray bottle.

Don’t forget to pack your beagle’s recent health clearance certificates and rabies and vaccination certificates too. Your host might want to see it, and it’s better to be prepared for any untoward mishaps.

Things to keep in mind when your beagle is home alone:

Only leave your beagle home alone once his house breaking process is complete. He may not sustain the long hours of loneliness unless he is used to it already. Here’s what to do:

  • Leave your beagle with a comfortable doggie bed, soft blankets or a crate covered with blankets.

  • An adequate water dispenser is a must have for your beagle. You don’t want him to get dehydrated!

  • Since you will be gone during your beagle’s meal times, leave him with a proper ration. Get a dog food dispenser if you want.

  • Leave your beagle his favorite toys, especially interactive toys that make noise. You can also leave a radio on softly in the background. Anything to save your beagle from loneliness and anxiety!

  • Newspapers to mark the place your beagle can answer nature’s calls.

Once you have covered all these points, rest easy. Now you are ready to enjoy that well-earned holiday trip! Enjoy!

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